Lots of exciting things are going on at the G&GG offices. Well, my apartment at least. In a moment of startling glory and magic, my order of BK Flame cologne has arrived. The complete review is still in the works because I have decided to conduct a good bit of research on the effects this scent has on the human libido aka blind scent tests. Though I have been deemed scent blind by my peers, once mistaking the scent of apple cinnamon for clean cotton, I can officially say that I have smelt Flame and it is quite breathtakingly bold. At first glance it smelled like I had carnal relations with a burger while getting my tires rotated at Pep Boys. For now I’ll leave it at that.

In other news, I have decided to test Kellogs once and for all and test out the Special K Challenge. In a bold move of procrastination and stupidity, I walked a good three miles to my local Giant Eagle (super market) and bought out the store of Special K. The challenge states that if you follow the guidelines you will lose up to six pounds in two weeks. The stipulations include eating one serving (3/4 cup) Special K cereal with skim milk or one serving (2 waffles) of Special K waffles, or one Special K Protein Meal bar for two meals of the day. You can then eat whatever you want for the third meal and can snack on any Special K snack bars or fruits and vegetables for snacks. It should be an interesting test for me, but I can’t wait to document every step along the way including the weigh ins at the beginning and end of the fortnights.

Until the next sauce,