Well, it’s been three days and I’m still thoroughly immersed in the Special K challenge. In what was seemingly going to be an easy two weeks, of chomping on some cereal, waffles, and snack bars has turned into a grueling, hunger ravaging time. Balls on Special K’s 1-cup serving size for cereal. All these years I’ve been overflowing my bowls with wonderment; I never realized that I was going well above and beyond the recommended serving allotment.

The waffles are quite tasty, even with the low calorie syrup. The cereal, given that I’ve only tried the og flavor and the Red Berries flavor, are both very tasty and only leaving me wishing I could pour another bowl. While the snack bars are very granola bar esque, but are still pretty flavorful for only being four bites in size. I find myself yearning for my free “third” meal each day and I continuously want to snack. I find the best guilt free snack is carrot sticks with fat free ranch veggie dip. But the hunger can be unbearable at times, making it seem very apparent why many people don’t go on the bowl of cereal for two meals diet and live to tell about it. My will power is still pretty strong and I’m confident in making it through the next 11 days in one piece.

Day 1: Breakfast: Special K Waffles, lite syrup, and an apple
Lunch: Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut
Snack: Special K Strawberry Bar
Dinner: Special K Red Berries Cereal

Day 2: Breakfast: Special K Waffles, lite syrup, and an apple
Lunch: Special K Red Berries Cereal
Snack: Special K Blueberry Bar
Dinner: Subway Buffalo Chicken Foot long sandwich
Snack: Special K Strawberry Bar

Day 3: Due to the fact that I promised Mike I would go to a restaurant we hadn’t been to before, I took part in two “third meals”, leaving me regulated to a full day of Special K, for all three meals on Day 4

Breakfast: Regular Special K Cereal
Lunch: Subway Club Foot long Sandwich
Dinner: Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wrap w/ French Fries

I’ll be back with further updates, on my progress.

Until the next sauce,