It all started on a brisk October night. Goodies and Gimmicks Galore died a slow painful death some time ago. Updates were dropping faster than Netflix subscribers. But as the rag tag group of chums, who had once long ago created the fast food gimmick sight that you all knew and loved, gathered together at the Shadyside, PA Mad Mex location to take in their annual Gobblerito (more on this later), some classic bar room banter emerged.
The question was posed , “what was the name of that huge ass pizza that Pizza Hut used to have?”. All of us befuddled and slightly enamored with tryptophan, none of us were able to come up with the answer off the top of our heads. All of us able smartphone users, finding the answer was as easy as searching “Pizza Hut Gimmicks” in a trusty search engine. Much to the table’s dismay, the top three hits were Goodies and Gimmicks Galore’s review of Tuscani Pasta, the Natural, and the answer we were searching for, the large and/or in charge Panormous Pizza. That’s when it hit us all, Goodies and Gimmicks was a reference point, a time capsule if you will. No longer were fast food eateries capable of putting out an ill fated, unplanned monthly promotional sandwich and getting away with it. We were all over it, from the Flavor Dipped at Wendy’s (which is now just ending its second tour of duty) to the Black Jack Taco at the Bell, to all the deplorable decisions Pizza Hut made, they were all there.
At that point it was decided, we had to start it back up again, just for the simple fact that we needed a reference point for the future, we were losing touch with the fast food gimmick life style and it was clearly showing. Wallets were fuller, stomach’s were emptier, imaginations and senses of humor abandoned. From this, Fast Food Geek has been born. Name is shorter, easier to remember, and also an available domain. The name might be different . But one thing is the same, fast food gimmicks are what we’re about.

I’m sure some pop and candy bar reviews will find their way in there too, and we’re committed to comparing reality vs. advertised images of these promotions. It’s become all too clear to me that restaurants have been overusing their food modelers and underpaying their actual “chefs”. Advertised photos have become works of art, while the food you’re actually getting look prechewed and fit for caveman consumption. This is 21st century American life, if we can’t have fast food in a dignified and benevolent manner, what else is there?

So we’re back, this time for real. I know you’ve heard it all before, but we want this site to pop like those Pillsbury canisters do..we want you all to be more excited than a senior on her way to bingo night. Fast Food Geek: get excited.

~FFG Staff