Earlier this year Wendy’s brought back nationwide breakfast offerings to the masses, including some unique items like the Breakfast Baconator. Let’s take a gander at this “breakfast bad boy”.

Wendy’s describes their Breakfast Baconator like this:

Grilled sausage, American cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, a fresh-cracked grade A egg, (deep breath) more cheese and more bacon all covered in swiss cheese sauce. Don’t just break your fast. Destroy it.

Almost any fast food eater can point to the regular Baconator at Wendy’s as a guilty pleasure standby. Consisting solely of a half pound of beef, 6 strips of bacon, cheese, ketchup, and mayo, the original packs a gluttonous punch that could knock most heavyweights into a coma. The Breakfast variant seems to be on a mission to bring back that mid morning post 8 AM class nap you took in undergrad.

It’s worth noting that most breakfast sandwiches tend to stick with only one meat for whatever reason, but Wendy’s is kicking it up a notch by incorporating sausage and a double helping of bacon on one breakfast sandwich. The Breakfast Baconator typically goes for $3.99, but right now you can get it for free by buying it in the Wendy’s app with any other paid item.

The Breakfast Baconator comes wrapped up like a hamburger, so much so that I was a bit concerned they threw in a regular one by mistake. But after lifting it, I realized that this breakfast sandwich severely lacked the heft a big ass burger provides. It appears as though that the Breakfast Baconator is on a premium sized burger bun, which explains the wrapper, but also creates some issues.

To me the hamburger bun being used as a breakfast sandwich apparatus doesn’t make much sense. In all of my days I don’t think I’ve ever thought standard bun when it comes to housing my breakfast. The other issue comes into play when you consider that the bun is way too damn big for the ingredients. As you can see, the sausage square used as a base, doesn’t even come close to hitting the edges of the bun. This sets the sandwich up to be a bit lopsided and sloppy.

Luckily for the Breakfast Baconator the ingredients besides the bun definitely shine. The sausage, though small in bun context, tastes sweet and savory. The bulk amount of bacon was somewhat charred but also so abundant it was still divine. The combination of the cheese slices and cheddar cheese sauce was decadent, almost creating a hollandaise like sensation. The fried egg performed admirably and complimented the richness of the sandwich. The Fast Food Geekette noted that the cheese sauce was the highlight of the sandwich.

Put it all together and the sandwich gets a solid grade. Wendy’s punted on the bun choice, because it doesn’t make sense for breakfast and is also like putting a XXL hoodie on a preteen. The rest of the ingredients do enough to make up for the bun though, creating an over the top decadent choice that most other breakfast eateries don’t offer.

This sandwich would get a reader’s choice award if they figured out the bun. In my eyes an oversized biscuit would do the trick.

Key side note: Wendy’s breakfast potatoes wedges are really stellar.

Wendy’s Breakfast Baconator 7/10