Hello  fellow FFG enthusiasts, wanderers, creepers, and first timers alike.  Whether you’ve been with us for years, or if this is your first rodeo, we want to welcome you to the show.  Hits wise, this was our most successful week by far. Two separate days with over 300 hits, and every other day reaching over 200.  A far cry from the days of begging your brother to go to the site just so we could get to double digits for the day.

Regardless this site’s two main purposes all a long have been to get the word out to the uncleansed masses regarding fast food triumphs and disasters alike, and to get you guys to laugh.  We hope we’ve been fulfilling both of those needs with an unfeathered amount of enthusiasm, dedication, and desire. If you like us, and you know someone else who would, be sure give them our url, or have them like us Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.  We promise they won’t be disappointed.

This week we’re looking to spice things up a little on show off some of fast food’s lighter fare with our new review section called “Light Sizers”.  Here we will take a look at sandwiches and items alike that have under 575 cals and 15 g’s of fat.  Believe it or not, there are a good bundling of options out there for the health conscious fast food goer.  Also we’ll be back with an update on the new Heinz Balsamic Ketchup (it came in!) and take a look at fast food casual’s Panera Bread and their newest panini: the Steak Balsimico.  Balsamic for everyone! Until then here are our reviews from this week!

Quizno’s Buffalo Chicken Sub [Review]:

Taco Bell’s Triple Steak Stack [Review]: 

Wendy’s W Burger [Review]: 

Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Gingerbread Latte [Review]:

Domino’s Artisan Pizza’s [Review]:

Buffalo Wild Wing’s Boneless Thursday [Review]: 

~Fast Food Geek