We re-entered the blog world in the back half of 2015 following a lengthy absence (marriage, jobs, moving etc got in the way).  In the short period of time, we experienced a lot of highs and lows in the fast food world.  We wanted to take some time to reflect with a few random recap lists for fun.  We will post our top 5 favorite items of the year in a separate post:

 Award for Most Adjective Laced Product Name:

(AKA Items that required the most “Alt + Tab”s between company website and WordPress to get the complete name correct)

Popeye’s Tabasco Spiced Pepper Barrel Tenders

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.08.14 PM

Popeyes Tabasco Spiced Pepper Barrel Tenders is a mouthful… and I still don’t quite understand what a pepper barrel is, despite the commercials.  This is one of those products that people at the register will say “Those Tabasco Tenders”

Honorable Mention:  Dunkin Donuts Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Sandwich


Award for Most Controversial Promotion:

Subway’s 50% more Meat for 50 Cents


50% more isn’t double (thats 100%) and it only applied to 6″ subs, not footlong.  And there were reports circulating that perhaps it was actually only 40% more.

Test Market Item That Should Make it Nationwide:

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken

kfc pittsburg

In the Pittsburgh market, KFC tested Nashville Hot Chicken.  We were big fans.  And we’d love to see those make it to the big leagues in 2016.


Comeback Item of the Year:

Taco Bell Lava Sauce


It came back into our lives this year, and then gone before you know it.  But I guess Taco Bell needs to give the many Facebook groups a purpose again.  The people who ran Bring Back Surge and Bring Back Crystal Pepsi are looking for work. #bringbacklavasauce


Best Co-Branded Item of the Year:

Burger King Surge Icee


As mentioned previously, the hardworking folks at Bring Back Surge, got what they wanted and more.  Not only can you order Surge Pounders at Amazon, during 2015 you could get a SURGE flavored Icee at Burger King.  Co-branding has been going wild in recent years, but this is one of my favorites.


Fast Food (QSR/Fast Casual) Company of the Year:



Arby’s has had a pretty good 2015.  Their brand has gained the most ground over the course of the year and they released some of our favorite LTOs.  Their remodled restaurants look great. Their brisket has impressed, and we leave 2015 feeling more positive about the Arby’s brand than we began it.

For 2016, player to watch is McDonalds.  McDonald’s had a rough year, and is now actively taking steps to right the ship.  Looking forward to seeing what they will do next.

Our most Liked Instagram Posts

Its clear what the people want; Oreos.  Only oreos.  And if they can’t have Oreos, then they’ll take another cookie.






Completely blindsided by this @oreo flavor today! Are these new?? #oreo #oreos #cookies

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Stay tuned for our top 5 favorite fast food items of 2015.  Let us know down below in the comments if you have other favorites, or if we forgot something.  Looking forward to a big 2016!