As we’ve posted before, Wendy’s is going hard, trying to attract more and more to their late night menu.  With the Moonlight Meal Deal starting after 10 pm, and the potential of getting a Double Stack, Chili Cheese Fries, and a large beverage for $5, you’d be hard pressed to find a more decadent meal for the price.  But we now have new intel from Wendy’s that if you use the term “Guac it Up” when making your order after 10 pm, they will add guacamole to your menu item for free.


This is a pretty big deal considering the ridiculous up charge QSR’s typically charge for guacamole.  With others tacking on nearly $2 in some instances, you really have to value getting it on anything for free.  That means you can have the Guacamole Ranch Chicken Club after 10 pm any day!  Wendy’s also recently did a survey with potential customer’s about what they value for late night eating.  The results indicate that people want fresh, quality, cheese and bacon induced, burgers at a great price.  While this doesn’t rock the world as far as results go, it helps out us late night snackers that Wendy’s is doing everything they can to feed our needs! Make sure to Guac it Up tonight!
~Fast Food Geek