Its been a few weeks now since McDonald’s extended their breakfast menu from the traditional 10:30 cut off to #alldaybreakfast, essentially ruining the best part of the Adam Sandler movie “Big Daddy”.  We wanted to give the all-day breakfast a test drive to see if it was worth ruining the 5th best Adam Sandler movie.

Since the extended hours began on Oct 6th, more and more articles surfaced declaring the all-day breakfast menu to be a complete disaster.  Rumors of long wait times abound, and complains from store managers of the added complexity of being able to prepare all items, caused major issues.

I walked into a McDonalds around 3:45 pm to put the menu to the test.  To really test out the capabilities I ordered the new buttermilk crispy chicken deluxe sandwich (you can read our review of that here) and the Egg McMuffin meal and started the clock from the moment I finished paying and stopped when order number was called:

I did go during a relatively slow time but under five minutes isn’t bad at all.  Maybe that’s slow for McDonald’s standards but I did not think that was unreasonable.

Now to examine the results:

McDonald's All-Day Breakfast
It actually does seem like a relaitvely different product than I remember getting during early morning rush–but I think it was slightly higher quality.  My cheese wasn’t melted, which was a bummer, but my egg tasted fresh and not overcooked, infact it was a little soft in places.  Also it seemed to be missing all the grease I remember McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches having.  Depending on who you are, and how you live your life, that may or may not be a good thing.

McDonald's All-Day Breakfast McDonald's All-Day Breakfast
I enjoyed the sandwich and it actually tasted more natural than I remembered.  I doubt I’d ever order it again in the evenings, but people have apparently been asking for this, and now we have it.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve had any uneven experiences.

[Side note:  The chicken in the buttermilk chicken sandwich was as thin as can be… McD’s would do well to add some weight to that cut of chicken, I was not impressed]