Used in the early testing of the now green lit, All Day Breakfast Menu, the San Diego Co-op location of McDonald’s is now testing out a new grouping of ultra premium sandwiches according to Burger Business.  The New Chef Crafted Flavors sandwiches are McDonald’s newest step in their growing push to deliver on a higher standard regarding food quality and customer interaction.  

The sandwiches come in three different flavor options, with the customer also deciding on the bun option (classic sesame seed or newer artisan roll) as well as the protein (brand new buttermilk crispy chicken, artisan grilled chicken, or beef).  The flavor options include Buffalo Bacon ($5.29) featuring blue cheese crumbles and dressing, buffalo sauce, bacon, tomato and lettuce; Pico Guacamole ($4.99) with pico de gallo, guacamole, ranch, white cheddar, lettuce, and lime wedge on the side; and the Maple Bacon Dijon ($5.19) consisting of maple seasoned bacon, grilled onions, sweet honey djion, white cheddar, and lettuce.  You’ll notice that these sandwiches eclipse the long standing $5 barrier typically used in Fast Food sandwich prices.  We’ll soon see whether customers are willing to bite the bullet for these premium tastes at the Golden Arches.