McDonalds has decided to take it’s popular Snack Wrap line to the entree round.  While it’s not currently on the main site, a little backdoor search will reveal the new Chicken McWraps.  These puppies have been rumored to be released nationwide today, but a local Mcdonald’s in the Pittsburgh area has been advertising them on their marquee for a week or so.  As we all know, time is at a premium in life, with busy life styles and not time. So the McWrap is here to save you from “food splat on your lap” syndrome that typically occurs while eating in your car.

The Golden arches are promoting the McWraps as a fresh and portable feast, stockpiled with premium chicken and toppings.  There appears to be three options: Chicken & Bacon, Sweet Chili Chicken, and Chicken & Ranch.  All of the wraps seem to be loaded up with Cheddar Jack Cheese, Spring Greens and Lettuce, and either grilled or crispy (fried) chicken.  It looks like the Sweet Chili wrap has a sweet chili sauce, along with cucumbers, the Chicken & Ranch subbing out the sauces, while the Chicken & Bacon comes with a creamy garlic sauce and adding some strips of everyone’s favorite pork delight.  
While there’s no nutrition yet listed for these guys, it’s a strong possibility that the grilled varieties might not be too bad for the diet conscious.  We’ll hope to have a review out for you guys soon!
~Fast Food Geek