Detroit’s finest and value based pizza chain Little Caesars has added a new dimension with their brand new Deep!Deep! Dish pizza.  Retailing for $8 for a pepperoni variety, the double deep is a play on the classic Pizza!Pizza! catch phrase Little Caesars has used for years.

While there are many stances on how people like their pizza, Chicago Deep Dish pizza has a very large market for people who prefer a thick cut pie.  The description for this pizza states that it is actually Detroit-style deep dish, which only confuses me.  This pizza features a crispy bottom and and chewy on the inside crust, mozzarella and Muenster cheese, and then baked to a have a crunch edge.  Little Caesars is betting that the general public loves the edge of their deep dish pie by actually making this Deep!Deep! into a Pizza!Pizza! by cutting the pie in half prior to baking, maximizing the edgy goodness.  A premium style pizza for $8 sounds like it’s worth a try to me.

~Fast Food Geek