Well school is out for the summer, and I’m back. The gimmicks, new fangled products, didgery do’s are out in full force, just in time for those sweat your balls off days of summer and we’re ready for it at g&gg. Being unemployed for the next month or so, I should have a bevy of opportunities to provide you guys the most in-depth and up to date analysis as possible as the world of fast food provides it.

Our first review will take a look at KFC’s latest and their wildest and zaniest decision yet, to go against everything they’ve ever stood for and known and go grilled. Their propensity and love for fried foods is such an epic tale its built into their name. So whenever a restaurant decides to turn their back on their own name sake, it makes you wonder if there’s something aloof. Its kinda like that feeling you get whenever your significant other calls you and begins the conversation with the classic “we need to talk” line, something major is going down, for better or for worse. So whenever I saw the ad in my Men’s Health periodical for the new bone in grilled chicken, I began to wonder what had the world come to since I had gone into hibernation. Did KFC really think they could go KGC on me without me writing a review and calling them out for selling out their name and manhood? Well its time for the colonel to step up to the plate and put his herbs where his grill marks are.

I cruised by my local KFC eatery and was surprised that they didn’t change the “F” in their name yet to a “G”. Based on what I was about to see this would actually be a surprise. Readers should know that I’ve had quite some bad experiences at KFC in my day, with a 1.5 star shanty show stomach slop slew in the death of winter. So I really have to want to go to this place to actually show up and pay hard earned currency to eat their rations.

Rolling through the drive thru, I have a way with never being comfortable with the ordering process. I stutter, mumble, get confused, and even ask for extra amounts of time to order even with a parade of 3 impatient cars waiting behind me. So whenever I got to the speaker box and immediately got pestered for my order, I froze faster than a pc during tax season. I knew what i came for and I knew that I wanted the leg and thigh meal for 3.99 but couldn’t find it anywhere on the clustered and paint by number menu. With the wild, rainbow esque range of colors being displayed all over the board, I got frazzled and blurted out something about wanting “that new grilled chicken”. Needless to say, the employee had heard this type of request before and led me to the promised land, either that or he felt bad for the Polock at other end of the receptacle . Two sides and a biscuit later I was on my way home with a tray of grilled legs and thighs.

As you can see, it does appear to be grilled. But I can’t really lie when I say that it still tasted like it was fried. AKA, it tasted really good. With a good amount of seasoning and flavor I was very impressed by the fact that going grilled did not equal going lame. I question whether or not the grilled chicken is any better nutritionally than the fried, granted the skin and breading has to be somewhat healthier but getting the grilled variety does not mean you will have to sacrifice any flavor sauce. As usual KFC packs in the cals with the sides, with the cakey mac and chee and embronzed grave mash and biscuit, but I can’t complain. The meal left me quite satisfied and for only 3.99 you can’t really complain. The chicken was juicy, flavorful, salty, and even somewhat exquisite.

It appears as though the sky is the limit for how far this grilled thing will go with KFC. Their trays, bags, and even napkins are sporting the words “Kentucky Grilled Chicken”. Who knows, maybe a couple years from now fried foods will be eradicated along with laz y boy recliners and double features at the drive in…Wait a sec. This is America, that’ll never happen.

KGC Leg and Thigh: 4/5 Stars

Until the next sauce,

AK (Andrew)