The Wait is Almost Over countdown has been answered! In what seems like the biggest move and risk KFC has ever made, the company is unveiling boneless, skinless chicken.  The company’s president, John Cywinski, has said that test marketing for the product has seen rave reviews and that this is the biggest move the company has made in multiple decades.

Three years in the making, on April 14th, Original Recipe Boneless will hit restaurants like a bread truck speeding down a hill.  No longer will there be a big bucket full of legs, thighs, breasts, and wings, but we’ll now see big hunks of boneless white and dark meat chicken about twice the size of tenders. The boneless, skinless chicken will still be concocted with all of the original recipe spices that everyone knows and loves. The product is said to be aimed at finicky Millennials, who have skipped by KFC due to the bones in their chicken product.

Recent times have seen fast food restaurants such as KFC whose main product consist of fried food in turmoil due to consumers looking at Fast Casual restaurants such as Panera and Chipotle for higher quality, healthier options.  So going all in with such a huge roll out for a fried chicken product is still seen as a pretty big risk.

KFC will sell a two piece of the Original Recipe boneless with a side, biscuit, and drink for $4.99 during initial roll out.  Don’t worry for those of you who still enjoy that bone in flavor, KFC will still have their famous chicken with the bones and will also feature a 10 piece bucket with 6 pieces on bone and 4 pieces boneless for $14.99.  A piece of the white meat will have 200 calories and 8 grams of fat, while the dark meat will have 250 calories.

KFC is using the slogan “I ate the bones” as their big tag line for the new product, trying to create a “Where’s the beef?” type of popularity.  After seeing an empty plate when finished eating chicken with that Original Recipe flavor you’ll be sure to think to yourself that you must have ate the bones. Also shout out to our commenter who called this one in our countdown post! We’ll see you April 14th for a review!!

~Fast Food Geek