If I learned anything from reading Fast Food Nation, its that QSR and Fast Casual’s most captivated audience and also their most targeted is children.  With life time habits starting in your single digit years, life long customers can be created before they even realize.  This is why there are jungle gyms and romper rooms in most McDonald’s and Burger Kings and also why those kids meal toys are changed more often than you can shake a stick.  KFC has reinvigorated their game by introducing the Li’l Bucket Kids Meals to promote healthy choices.  But what choices will the kids make?

As you can see from the handy dandy diagram above, the little lads can choose from 4 different chicken entrees, 3 sides, two drinks, with each meal coming with GoGO squeeZ Applesauce.  
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But if you want to consider health factors, there’s really only one combination that could be considered a true nutritious specimen and kids won’t ever pick it.  The best combination encompasses the grilled drumstick (90 cals), green beans (25 cals), applesauce (60 cals), and 1% milk (110 cals).  Totaling 285 cals, 6 grams of fat, 23g of protein and only 690mg of sodium you’re talking about something you can relax having your child eat.  But what kid wouldn’t want the other fried options and carbo loaded sides? 
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Just be on the lookout for the Chicken Little, Mac n’ Cheese, Capri Sun combo which catapults your youngsters intake to 570 calories and 24 grams of fat with the apple sauce.  
~Fast Food Geek