Remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when yo-yos were fun toys? Empty hairspray cans and cassette tapes littered the floor of your Firebird and one could get a value sized chicken sandwich for some spare change. Well, KFC is attempting to revive some of the glory days with the re-introduction of their beloved slider style fried chicken sandwich.

Some of you may remember the Chicken Little sandwich at KFC from the 80’s, a simple enough concept: bread, chicken, and mayo (strangly pickles appear in that promo image at the top). This little guy was sold for a mere .39 cents and targeted the value crowd before dollar menus and value menus existed.

Check out this awesome KFC commercial from 1987 in which young people are having fun:

I can’t wait to go to KFC and order a sack of 30 Chicken Little sandwiches and hand them out.

Fast forward 20+ years and you will find the Chicken Littles reappearing in select test markets, mostly unchanged except for a price bump to bring it up to the $1.29 price range. It will be interesting to see what adjustments KFC makes to their menu if these roll our nationwide. It will create a strange mix of two value chicken sandwiches if they continue to keep the snackers on the menu. Some people were so enamored with the Chicken Little sandwich that an online petition exists begging for its return. I’d like to think that they had something to do with this new experimentation….

~Fast Food Geek