Dunkin Donuts Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich
The Dunkin Donuts Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich, on paper, has decent potential. All of these ingredients in a sandwich, are tried and true.  But when Dunkin Donuts tries to make anything involving any amount of skill, things can and will go horribly wrong.  The Tailgater Sandwich unleashed to capitalize on the upcoming football season, is an unmitigated disaster.  

Dunkin Donuts Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich
Having already been set up with a grand amount of disappointment due to Dunkin inexplicably running out of Reeses Peanut Butter Square donuts on day 1, I had to settle for this train wreck.  Honestly, I should have seen it coming.  Everyone knows that the amount of ingredients in a DD sandwich is inversely proportional to sandwich quality.

The Ingredients

  • French Roll
  • Egg
  • American Cheese
  • Smoked Sausage
  • Peppers & Onions
  • Ancho Chipotle Sauce

Dunkin Donuts Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich

First Impressions

This sandwich couldn’t have looked sloppier to start off.  The “juices” had permeated the french roll on the eight minute commute causing a sponge like sog.  One thing that Dunkin has actually done right in the past, is offer a nice and crusty french roll that has added a good dimension of substance.  With this already off the rails, there was nothing left to save this sandwich and the wheels completely fell off.  The egg was cold and stoic with the cheese runnier than Usain Bolt’s jock strap.  The sausage was tiny, barely covering half of the bun.

Dunkin Donuts Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich
Things got even worse when I tried to interpret the onions and peppers.  They were sad, soggy, and absolutely vile, with an off putting scent and sensibility.  Who knows when these peppers were picked, sauteed, frozen, shipped, unfrozen, then set out to soak before they finally made it on to this thing.  The Ancho Chipotle sauce was present, yet completely masked out by the 4 ring circus of shame surrounding it.

Dunkin Donuts Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich

Dunkin Donuts Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich – The Verdict:

This sandwich gets absolutely nothing right.  It was squishy, flavorless, sloppy, and mentally damaging.  My heartbeat has been irregular since the first bite. Not one ingredient could even stand on its own as a competent player. The sausage might be the LVP because it lacked any flavor and could have been used to grease the pistons on the Model T prototype.  Go to Dunkin for donuts and coffee, but whatever you do, don’t trick yourself into getting a sandwich with more than 3 ingredients.

The Tailgater Sandwich has 610 calories, 29 grams of fat, and 25 grams of protein



Dunkin Donuts Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich [Review]
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