With the plethora of Holiday offerings coming to light this week, it’s easy for the new sandwich at Dunkin to get swept aside.  While a good bit of people only care about Dunkin’s Coffee and Donut offerings, we’re equal opportunists here.  We reviewed the sweet Snickerdoodle Croissant and Caramel Cheesecake Donuts earlier this week and came away largely impressed but now it’s time to take on a more savory option.  With the Tailgater Sandwich fiasco fresh in my mind, it’s hard to get too hyped for another Dunkin sandwich, but with a simpler offering this time with the Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich hope sprang eternal.

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  • Glazed sweet pepper bacon (4 Strips)
  • Egg
  • Cheese
  • Croissant Vehicle

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First Impressions

The biggest downfalls of the Tailgater was a sauce induced sog fest going along with a soupy onion and pepper combo.  For me, with breakfast sandwiches less is almost always more.  This is why I’ve always loved the Spicy Chicken Biscuit from Chick Fil A, two ingredients done great and I keep coming back for more.  So with only four ingredients and $3.99 price tag, the Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Sandwich, the name is actually more complicated than the sandwich itself.  The bacon is the star of the show.  With double the bacon (4 strips), the flavor is enhanced more than the standard fare as well.  The bacon is glazed so it has a sweet element.  It is coated in black pepper so there is definitely a spice element.  These two elements combine to create a great dynamic that should be brought platform wide on Dunkin Breakfast Sandwiches.

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In full candor, I had to attempt to get this sandwich twice, because the first time a bagel was subbed in for the croissant vessel without my knowledge due to baking issues at my local Dunkin.  I was glad that I waited to review the croissant variety because A) I’ve never had it and B) it’s sweet and flaky nature really complimented the bacon.  Also due to the fact that it’s thinner and less carb intensive than a bagel, it lets the other ingredients compliment the overall experience quite a bit more than a bloat worthy bagel.

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Despite it being somewhat smashed, haphazardly presented with the bacon all but squished underneath the croissant, and the multiple trips to get a sandwich once, I was pleasantly surprised with the Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Sandwich.  There was a true improvement with the standout sweet and smoky bacon and the fewer ingredient factor only made things better.

Dunkin Donuts Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Sandwich – The Verdict:

It wasn’t otherworldly but it’s good to see Dunkin put out a very solid breakfast sandwich LTO option.  I hope the sweet pepper bacon somehow makes its way as a permanent fixture because the scent and sweet sultry taste is worth trying out this sandwich for alone.


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Dunkin Donuts Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Sandwich [Review]
Sweet pepper bacon is a standoutFlaky croissant was perfect vehicle
Haphazard production
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