The Dunkin Donuts Smokehouse Sausage Breakfast sandwich is a new limited time sandwich for the month of November.  The concept of the sandwich is extemely simple, egg, meat, cheese on an english muffin–fast food breakfast sandwiches have followed this format since the dawn of time.  This sandwich model has risks, if the three ingredients aren’t up to par the sandwich can fall into sloppy, greasy, “cancel your 10 AM meeting” territory (see anything on McDonald’s breakfast value menu).

I set out to get my hands on one of these and give it a go.  To my complete surprise the first Dunkin Donuts that I tried was sold out.  I was informed that this location had sold “like a million” that day and ran out of the smokehouse sausage.  Growing increasingly enamored with this sandwich, I traveled to another location where I would not be denied.
I watched the my sandwich artist “assemble” the raw materials.  No grill, just two subway style toaster ovens, one toasting my bread the other handling the ingredients.  Not a good sign.
I took my first bite and immediately noticed that this sandwich was surprisingly substantial;  a good amount of egg and the meat made the sandwich thicker than egg with a traditional sausage patty.  The next thing i noticed was how soft the sausage was.  This desperately needed an encounter with the grill to crisp up the exterior of the sausage.  The sausage doesn’t have much of a smoked sausage taste, instead it is more reminiscent of a hot dog.
If you like hot dogs for breakfast head over and pick one up, you may want to call ahead and place your order since these things are flying out of the ovens.  Hurry though, the promo poster had instructions to put up on 11/1 and take down on 12/4


Smokehouse Sausage Sandwich

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