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Adding already to the new Reese’s Peanut Butter Donut and Pumpkin plethora detailed earlier today, Dunkin Donuts is adding an all day sandwich aimed at the Fall season as well.  The Tailgater Sandwich screams out for those wispy cool days where the pigskin gets tossed and the parking lots get trashed.  

Coming this Monday, August 31st as well, the sandwich combines egg, reduced fat cheddar, a split smoked sausage link, a fire roasted pepper and onion blitz, and Ancho Chipotle sauce, all draped over a toasty French Roll.  Any tailgate I’ve been to, hasn’t come with ancho-chipotle stocked, but the sauce sounds tantalizing enough to give Dunkin a pass.

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We reviewed the Bakery Sandwiches from Dunkin way back when it premiered, and I must say that the crusty French roll is one of the better carb options out there in the fast food world.  This sandwich sounds plenty appealing any time of the day.