Along with the reintroduction of the Chicken Apple Sausage Sandwich, Dunkin is bringing some new things to the table to start 2016.  Even with Caramel being the traditional flavor choice of popular macchiatos, Dunkin hasn’t officially offered it until now, instead featuring Pumpkin and Snickerdoodle.  It will be interesting to see how Dunkin’s Caramel Macchiato compares to the ever popular Starbuck’s variety.  

Dunkin is also bringing in a new variety to their Croissant style donut.  Last month they offered a Snickerdoodle variety that we largely enjoyed, and now this month we have the Fudge Croissant Donut.  Taking the standard croissant donut from Dunkin, they now pack it with chocolate fudge filling and top it off with white and chocolate icing drizzle.