The age, old adage is that sweets and especially chocolate are the way to a girl’s heart.  Dunkin’ Donuts has done their best to combine the two aspects of the theory into two mouth watering, heart shaped, donut creations.  The Chocolate Heart donut has a traditional base, with a traditional vanilla, butter creme filling and chocolate chip topping, while the Cupid’s Choice features a similar base, Bavarian Kreme filling, strawberry icing, and heart shaped James’.

Continuing my heart shaped theme for Valentine’s Day, I tackled dessert with a pair of these bad boys.  Somehow heart shaped items create a great excuse to crush calories guilt free for a day.  My girlfriend and I both love donuts, so it wasn’t a hard sell for me at all.

Due to some careless stacking in the bag, the donuts had intermingled pretty well.  After separating the two, this is what was left of the chocolate icing/chocolate chip topping.
Just like the ad photo presents, the vanilla butter creme was ooozing out of the side paneling of the donut.  Though it wasn’t nearly as neat and the icing decided to peak out of the apparent ass of the donut, the presentation was still there.
Biting in, the variety of sweet and sassy flavors envelop you like a bath of satin.  The flakey donut consistency is on point, with the vanilla butter creme complimenting very nicely with a smooth, yet rich flavor.  What really sealed the deal here was the chocolate chip over coating.  It created a decadent ideal that would have rivaled Louis XIV’s reign.
Moving on to Cupid’s choice, we were presented with an even more befuddling frosting job.  Sloppy and uneven, it’s clear that Dunkin’s employees aren’t paid for presentation.  But if it leads to more icing and a whallop of Jimmies, I won’t complain too much.
The Cupid’s Choice also had the inner cream playing peek a boo, this time with the Bavarian Kreme poking out in the same area as advertised.  Chowing down, I was impressed with the thick and exotic nature of the the Kreme. Appearing yellowish in nature, it helped provide a quaint and sweet flavor ride. The strawberry icing and sprinkles weren’t as good as the chocolate/chocolate chip option, but were still pretty tasty.
While we preferred the Bavarian Kreme in the Cupid’s Choice, the Chocolate Chip Factor on the Chocolate Heart rocked and roared both of our sweet tooth’s into third gear.
Chocolate Heart: 3/5
Cupid’s Choice: 3/5
Chocolate Heart:
Cupid’s Choice: