Dunkin Donuts Burrito
The breakfast burrito among the fast food world is largely straightforward.  Toppings typically include scrambled eggs, sausage or bacon, cheese, and some potato product if you’re lucky.  Taco Bell’s Grande Scrambler, prob has the most diverse portfolio, with some pico and sour cream being involved.  Dunkin Donuts is going out on a limb and creating a burrito that has aspirations for all day taste.  The new GranDDE Burrito rolls in at $3.99 and features a wide and expansive list of ingredients.  Some of them scream breakfast, while others are more suited towards lunch, so when you throw it all together, what do you have?

Dunkin Donuts GranDe Burrito


  • Tortilla
  • Spicy omelet with jalapenos, red bell peppers and pepper jack cheese with habanero
  • Rice and bean blend that also includes corn, fire-roasted peppers and onions
  • Sausage

Dunkin Donuts Grande Burrito

First Impressions

While there’s really only 4 bullet points above, the total listed ingredient listing comes in at 12.  While some are just differing peppers that make up the omelette concoction, that’s quite a lot of variables that can go right or wrong.  But while there is risk, I do personally like what Dunkin is going for.  The southwest flavor that is diverse enough to stand out a little in this plain vanilla breakfast burrito world would be widely welcomed, if executed in a somewhat decent manner.

Dunkin Donuts GranDDe Burrito
It’s clear that the traditionally typecasted breakfast purveyors have taken McDonald’s All Day Breakfast as a challenge of sorts, boasting that their breakfast has always been available throughout the day.  Dunkin is taking it a step further here by adding in lunch like elements like rice, beans, and corn to the GranDDe Burrito, creating something diverse enough to be craved all day long.

Dunkin Donuts GranDDe Burrito
Let’s start out talking about this burrito’s size.  Dunkin touts that it’s 10 oz in heft and the name itself translates to large.  To me, there are two types of burritos, value sized “wraps” that you need to eat 2 of and typically cost $1-$2 and then the mammoth’s you can get places like Chipotle and Qdoba that typically weigh more than a pound, come in at quadruple digit calories, and cost anywhere from $5-$8.  To me the GranDDe Burrito is a hybrid that fits somewhere in between these.  Almost like a Supersized value burrito, that has enough size to satisfy your hunger, not crush your wallet, and still come in under 800 calories.

The Grande Burrito was surprisingly one of the least sloppy burrito experiences in my day.  With only a couple beans and a kernel of corn or two falling out through the entire eating experience I was quite pleased.  All of the elements together create a pretty vibrant taste.  The omelette was the shining character at play.  Featuring the chopped up peppers and spicy cheese, the egg element finally tasted like something other than filler in a breakfast burrito.  Instead of going with the piecemeal scrambled eggs scattered about, the omelette factor kept everything together, establishing a bottom layer that boasted substance and a little character.

Dunkin Donuts Grande Burrito
The rice and bean blend provided some textural and substance that isn’t usually found in breakfast, but to me they didn’t pack enough taste.  While I get that Dunkin isn’t trying to alienate too many with tastes so bold only the adventurous will indulge, I felt like there was more zest here to exploit. Lastly, I was pleased with the sausage disbursement.  Tasting savory, hot, and juicy I was rather impressed that the meat spanned pretty much the entire burrito end to end.

Dunkin Donuts GranDDe Burrito- The Verdict

Everything came together and I came away rather pleased. Don’t let the list of hot peppers and spicy elements scare you, they provide taste mainly and little actual spice. In the past I’ve always stated that less was more for breakfast sandwiches at Dunkin, but despite the large ingredient list the Grande Burrito was a winner to me.  While I think that a slight hot sauce addition might have thrown this over the top, this is my favorite Dunkin LTO in quite some time.  The GranDDe Burrito also comes in a Vegetable variety that just 86’s the sausage.

Dunkin Donuts GranDDe Burrito [Review]
Vibrant tasting omelette concoction$4 burritos Breakfast and lunch elements
Add hot sauce! 710 calories in sausage variety sounds high
8.2Overall Score
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