While Dunkin Donuts continues to update their website at a snail’s pace, the best way to determine the restaurant’s current promotions is unfortunately the old fashioned “pull up and look for ad posters” routine.  It’s March, which seems to be considered the unofficial month of the Irish, given St. Patrick’s day unearths itself smack dab in the middle of the month every year.  Dunkin’ has once again provided some holiday themed donut creations this month with the Lucky Mint and Green Shamrock styled donuts.

Green Shamrock Donut

While last month’s Valentine’s Day themed donuts were centered around cream filling, these two seem to resemble the more traditional ring shape.  The Lucky Mint donut is a glazed chocolate cake creation, topped with fudged chocolate icing and mint bark topping.  The Green Shamrock is a yeast ring donut with green icing and sham sprinks complimenting it.  Dunkin Donuts was gracious enough to send us a photo of the Green Shamrock donut for your viewing pleasure!

~Fast Food Geek