Lots of changes are occurring in April for Dunkin’ Donuts.  A breakfast sandwich overhaul seems to be in place with the addition of a southern style biscuit option to all of their sandwiches.  Nothing is more savory and decadent than a buttery biscuit as your carb medium for your breakfast.  Also based on initial screenings the Chicken Biscuit appears to be a new sandwich option all together.

Scrambled no more
Pepper fried is here

Dunkin Donuts has apparently given the big bad ax to scrambled eggs on their sandwiches as well, much to my mother’s chagrin. The pepper fried egg has replaced it across the board on Dunkin’s site and looks like they’re here to stay.

Lastly, Dunkin has teamed up with Baskin Robbins to come up with some new Iced Coffee flavors inspired by your favorite ice creams.  The wildly popular Mint Chocolate Chip flavor and Butter Pecan are now options to get infused with your Iced Coffee beverages.  While some may like and some may hate these changes, it’s always interesting to see changes at any QSR.

~Fast Food Geek