In their continual effort to be the most transparent pizza joints in America, Domino’s has launched .  The Salt Lake City Domino’s location has set up 5 webcams in their kitchen organized strategically to allow orders or voyeurs alike to watch their pizza being made.

Web cams are set up at the dough creating station, toppings, oven, and out of the oven each giving you a different look at the steps it takes to make a Domino’s pizza.  There’s a fifth camera that’s focused on a Facebook Like tracker that displays the names of those who are Liking the page live.

Domino’s said that this a test, allowing customers to have complete insight on their pizza ordering experience in addition to Domino’s animated online tracker.  I personally love this website and found myself watching the different cams just for the pure fun of it.  I love watching food being prepared and boy does this make me want some pizza. The camera is on from 1 PM est to 1 AM est!

~Fast Food Geek