Last week we reported on Domino’s featuring their Parmesan Bread Bites as their featured item of the month as a $1 add on when you buy 2 medium pies.  But what we didn’t tell you is that Domino’s head chefs didn’t create this item, but actually one of their franchise owners from Findlay, Ohio according to this Toledo Blade article.  This type of procedure is very rare in the fast food industry, with franchise owners typically being loyal servants to the almighty corporate juggernauts.  

But ever since Domino’s admitted their food was sub par in 2009, they’ve been on an innovative and progressive kick that has begun changing the way fast food handles business.  With a continuous pursuit to make their items better, its hard to believe that it took restaurants so long to figure this one out.  
The whimsical tale of how the Parmesan Bread Bites originated is quite simple.  Franchise owner, Brian Edler, a resident of Fremont, Ohio, began creating them at his downtown Findlay location after tinkering with different creations.  The bread bites are simple enough, rolling bits of pizza dough in garlic and parmesan, but the item was a hit.  He began selling them in droves, catching the attention of Domino’s corporate.  
Edler was invited to make a batch at Domino’s HQ in Ann Arbor and sold the executives outright.  Domino’s began their ad campaign featuring Findaly, Ohio last week and the rest is history. This gives every meager franchise owner around the US hope that his Frankenstein creations could eventually see the light of day. Parmesan Bread Bites are available now, so scoop them up.  We even might give them another try.