It’s that time of the month again.  Time for fast food gimmicks to be unveiled.  It feels like Christmas in a way, but instead of candy canes and rooty toot toots, we’re all dreaming of carbohydrates and trans fats.  But before I get too far off topic, the first edition of the next round of gimmicks comes from Domino’s.  You all remember whenever we took a look at Domino’s Artisan Pizza’s a few months back right? The varieties ranged from marginal at best to borderline decent. But now Domino’s has gotten creative and added a fourth pizza to the Artisan line. You can only wonder if they had to rehire all of the artisans that they had since laid off to formulate another creation?

Enter in the Chicken & Bacon Carbonara.  In my eyes, Carbonara has always meant loads of Alfredo sauce and bacon, accompanied by a nutritional component that would make most cardiologists strap themselves to train track.  Domino’s describes their new pizza as having an “inspired” blend of marinara and Alfredo sauces.  Apparently the artisans were doubled over with inspiration whenever they decided that just using the crappy Domino’s Alfredo would inevitably lead to a flavor terror, so they decided to fight off the overpowering stench with a marinara sponge bath.

The pizza is rounded off with grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, diced tomatoes, and a dash of oregano.  This pizza sounds quite tasty and for only $7.99, definitely worth a go.