Every year it seems that America’s obsession with bacon becomes more and more severe.  The tasty pork creation has found it’s way onto man food plates as a garnish, accessory, and full blown taste meal. Along with this obsession, diners and QSR’s alike have embraced this love affair with a plethora of bacon infused dishes in an attempt to extinguish this country’s unquenchable thirst for all things bacon.  No other eatery has taken it any further than Denny’s and their annual celebration of bacon: Baconalia.

It’s back this year with plenty of new menu items, old favorites, and a commemorative plate that any self respecting bacon lover needs in their home or office.  Some returning favorites include the Maple Bacon Sundae that caused such a stir last year, along with the Spicy Pepper Bacon Jack burger, and some other classic bacon centered breakfast treats.  Some new items that sound pretty fantastic are the Pepper Bacon Avocado Omelette, Caramel Bacon Stuffed French Toast, and the Maple Bacon Milk Shake.

But the real story here is the over the top, commemorative plate you can buy.  This dishwasher, yet not microwave safe plate features strips of crispy bacon floating in the sky with onward lookers gazing at it like a July 4th firework display.  The over the top plate features an over the top price of $24.95 plus shipping and processing.  But don’t worry, Denny’s has a special deal where if you buy two, you only have to pay for two.  Check out this amazing infomercial as we sign off:

~Fast Food Geek