dq bakes sandwiches
While many people don’t even realize that Dairy Queen offers anything besides their famous soft serve, they’re doing everything they can to ramp up the hot food offerings.  While only some of their locations actually house kitchens, the ones that do are now featuring three new “artisan-style” sandwiches thanks to the new DQ Bakes line.

snack mlet
DQ Bakes items are centered around new brand new ovens in the restaurants. Based on commercials these seem to be something similar to the type of toaster oven devices used at Subways around the country.  Using these ovens, DQ is creating three new sandwiches, three new snack sized melts, and three new hot desserts.  The sandwiches are getting the brunt of the advertising and feature a Chicken Bacon Ranch, Chicken Mozzarella, and Turkey BLT option.  The Chicken Bacon Ranch and Turkey BLT are served on toasted ciabatta while the Chicken Mozzarella is on fancy basil cheese focaccia roll.

The snack sized melts come in Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Bacon, and Chicken Quesadilla and are all wrapped in tortillas.  The a la mode style hot desserts feature a fudge stuffed cookie, brownie, and apple tart. It’ll be interesting to see how the public reacts to DQ’s new and improved hot foods.