While it’s pretty easy to assume that most people go to Dairy Queen for their sweet treats, they also have some pretty solid food offerings.  I remember pounding a good bit of Chicken Strip baskets during my childhood and I can’t seem to resists that buttered toast they have.  But what makes things even better is whenever DQ combines both their sweet and savory in one lunch deal, especially whenever it only costs $5.


Now for a limited time, Dairy Queen is offering a $5 Buck Lunch deal.  You can choose from either a 1/4 lb Grill Burger, Chili Cheese Dog, or 3 piece Chicken Strip, accompanied by not only fries and a drink, but also a small sundae for dessert.  That’s a lot of food for only $5 and the sundae is just icing on the proverbial cake.  Better yet, if you can spring for it, pay an extra buck and you can upgrade the sundae to a small Blizzard. Hurry up though, the lunch deal is only good until 4 pm!

~Fast Food Geek