Chipotle has bucked the trends in the fast food industry for quite some time.  Taking a short term financial hit to uphold its standards, may not have been done industry wide, but Chipotle did just that earlier this year whenever they discovered that one of their biggest pork suppliers was breaching the restaurant’s given standards.  As of today, after find a new supplier and slowly building up supply, Chipotle has brought back its Carnitas to 90% of its locations.  

The restaurant says that locations in Cleveland, Atlanta, South and North Carolina still do not have it but will by the end of November.  Chipotle’s new major supplier of pork, Karro Food, is located in the United Kingdom so it took awhile for things to get ramped back up.  Because Chipotle requires suppliers to give pigs access to the outdoors, and not use antibiotics or gestation crates it became quite difficult to find enough suppliers in the United States for the right price.