For those of you lucky enough to be near a Chipotle with a liquor license, your weekly trips to the Premium Fast Casual Mexican joint are about to get a lot more exciting.  For the 900 restaurants that do sell booze, Margaritas will now be part of the menu starting April 29th.  Just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

The 240 calorie beverage will include Patron Tequila, triple sec, lemon and lime juices, and agave.  The premium marg will go for anywhere from the $6.50-$8.00 range while there will be a house variety with Sauza tequila for a mere $5.  Both beverages are served on the rocks with a wedge of lime.

Previous margarita attempts at Chipotle have used a margarita mix, which goes against Chipotle’s authentic mission and therefore haven’t been quite as successful as they’d hoped.  With tofu options known as Sofritas, for vegetarians and vegans also being test marketed in a few San Francisco locations back in February, this could potentially be a big year for Chipotle.  Stay tuned.

~Fast Food Geek