If you have access to a Coke Freestyle machine, be on the lookout for some Christmas themed mixes.  Coke Freestyle machines allow you mix hundreds of combinations of sodas with flavor syrups and then get even crazier with half/half mixes and other wildly creative concoctions.  Coke is now doing some of the work for you by premixing some holiday themed combinations.  

New flavors have been available all of December.  Flavors include Secret Santa (Cherry, Lime, and Vanilla), Mistletoe Flow (Zesty Blend of Vanilla), and BK exclusive Jolly Reindeer (Coke with Vanilla Root Beer).  While you won’t be able to find Jolly Reindeer anywhere besides Burger King, the other flavors have been found at Firehouse Subs, Wendy’s, Five Guys, Jack in the Box, aforementioned BK, and other locations with Coke Freestyle machines.