Here at Fast Food Geek, we’re always trying to look out for our fast food brethren.  The every man who wants to attain the biggest, boldest, bang for his/her buck at a restaurant without getting extra value mealed into an unexpected $9 nightmare.

We’ve all been there, tempted by overpriced, overvalued menu items that leave your wallet empty, your mind numb, and your stomach unfulfilled. That’s why we’re starting a new type of post. Posts dedicated to back door block busters, hidden treasures, non menu-menu items, and customized creations that allow you readers to accomplish the seemingly impossible: getting what you want, how you want it, without having to take out a second mortgage.  We usher in: Geek Go-To’s.


Our inaugural Geek Go-To focuses on Burger King’s little known about Custom Ordering Creations.  BK has always been about having it your way, but for many people, it’s a pain to drastically alter your order when push comes to shove.  Whether it’s the pressures of a long line behind you, a general bashfulness, or fear that a disgruntled employee might have the audacity to let a loogie fly, most fast food patrons bypass what they want in exchange for what the menu dictates.


Inspired by gourmet burger joints, with their create your own burger check lists, Burger King has a pseudo hidden feature on their website, with their Build It Your Way site.  The idea is quite simple, customize your sandwich any way that you want, whether its adding different cheese, doubling up on a sauce, putting the kibosh on tomatoes, or throwing something out of left center field by adding a different type of meat patty with the + and – buttons on the site.

Where is the cheese?

Lord knows that American’s are fed up that the Whopper doesn’t come preloaded with cheese.  It’s time to get up and take a stand.  After customizing, you’ll be able to see how much quicker you’re likely to die with the nutritional facts, and then print out your customized creation. Simply take the print out to your local BK and they’ll make it up for you, hassle free. The fine print notes that some condiments might not be available at all locations and the cost would be determined at your local restaurant.  One can only wonder how the upcharges are distributed.

Has anyone pulled off this major league play yet? Let us know in the comments how it’s worked out for you.  We hope you enjoyed this Geek Go-To and we look forward to smashing your mind with more in the near future!

~Fast Food Geek Staff