Burger King in a season manner seems to be attempting to set the record for most fast food gimmicks released at one moment in time.  And then every three months they try to break that record again.  The Spring season is no different as Burger King has released a plethora of items this week.  We have the Chipotle Whopper, Chipotle Tendercrip, Chipotle Chicken Wrap, Bacon Stuffed Cheddar Burger, Loaded Tator Tots, Pina Colada Smoothie, Peach Iced Tea, Lattes, Donut Holes, Smooth Roast Coffee, and perhaps most intriguing a Turkey Burger and Veggie Burger.  

While we reviews on deck for a couple of the above items we still wanted to get some info out there for the health conscious crowd out there who are thinking that maybe BK is starting to look into serving their needs.  Turkey Burgers and Veggie Burgers have quite the stigma related to them and are most likely considered to be on the softer side of things people can eat.  You might even be looked down on for ordering one of these if you’re of the male persuasion. As far as my research indicates though, most vegetarians and people interested in buying Turkey burgers have probably passed by BK for years at this point thinking there was something fresher and more nutritious elsewhere.  So how nutritious are these sandwiches? 

The Turkey Burger appears to be a flame grilled patty of turkey, topped with a pretty standard lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mayo.  Nothing really splashy on there, but I would most definitely prefer to see some type of low cal mustard because this sandwich still ends up having 530 calories, 26 grams of fat, and 1210 mg of sodium.  While BK doesn’t have a customized setup where you can deduct certain ingredients, I’d imagine if you went sans mayo this item would be at least a little more health inspired.  According to Men’s Health, typical turkey burgers still carry an 80/20 fat ratio, so this could also be a pretty big reason for that multitude of fat.  

The Veggie burger is aimed at all of those vegetarians who have been dismissing BK for all of these years.  It would have made a lot more sense to me if they would have released this at the beginning of February to also attract some of those Friday Lent goers.  Based on the image and bun choice, it’s safe to assume that this burger is a lot smaller than you think.  Topped with same spread as the Turkey Burger is another downer, especially with that artery clogging mayonnaise.  The veggie patty appears to be sourced in from Morning Star and claims to be packed with real vegetables and whole grains. The Veggie Burger has 410 calories, 16 grams of fat, and 960 mg of sodium.  These stats are better than the Turkey Burger but not exactly awe inspiring.  Again, I would sub out the mayo for something way less caloric and fatty.  

So there you have it.  Be on the lookout for some of the other Spring Menu items from BK!
~Fast Food Geek