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Update: Burger King has now released their official press release for the new Halloween Whopper.  The burger will be released this Monday, September 28th.  Also, the promo photo suggests that the black bun will be infused with A.1. steak sauce flavoring.  This will make for an interesting review when we get our hands on it!

Thanks to a report from the U.K Mirror we can now deduce that Burger King will be bringing a Halloween Themed burger to America outfitted with a black bun.  Based on the play on words with in the name of the burger, we can predict that A.1. Steak sauce will be involved alongside of the typical Whopper toppings.  

While black buns are the norm overseas, with Japanese Burger King offering a black bun and black cheese sliced burger.  While the craze hasn’t hit the United States yet, we can all recall the 2009 Black Jack Taco from Taco Bell, which hasn’t resurfaced since.  Hopefully we’ll know soon when this black bun will hit the states.