One of the most dastardly things about there not being a convenient Burger King location for me is that I can’t eat their fries on a daily basis.  I’ve always loved their crispy consistency and salty taste and things only got super sized whenever the King amped up to thick cut fries a couple of months ago.  It seems like every other minute Burger King is having giveaway days and this week is no exception with Burger King giving away a value sized fries away to all customers on March 17th and 18th.

The promotion is St. Patrick’s Day sponsored, with BK’s press release stating something about not needing to be lucky or Irish to feel the benefits of free fries.  The thing that got my juices flowing was the poster’s mention of the fries being served with Heinz St. Paddy’s sauce.  While it doesn’t give any other clues, one can only believe that this means green ketchup.  I haven’t heard or seen anything about green ketchup in years, ever since Heinz’s radical and whacked out different colored ketchup campaign fell limper than your morning paper in a rainstorm.

~Fast Food Geek