UPDATE: Check out our review here!

Burger King has returned to the wild and wonderful world of gimmicks, offering buy one get one free chicken sandwiches.  The best part about this is that two of the three sandwiches in the offer are  promotional, limited time items. Returning is BK’s half hearted entrant into the pseudo Italian food world with the Italian Chicken sandwich, as well as the triumphant return of the Club Chicken Sandwich.


The Italian Chicken sandwich typecasts the entire Italian food bracket into marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, by entitling this glorified chicken parm sandwich as strictly “Italian”.  This marinara mud puddle has been released plenty of times before, but we haven’t been so lucky to review it.


The Club Chicken sandwich appears to be a take on the classic ideal that adding the world club strictly means adding bacon and mayo.  True to form, Burger King adds tomato and bacon to their already mayo induced Original and call it the club. I’m sure hoping to become a lifelong, card carrying member of the bacon club. Again, we’ve never had our hands on this sucker for a review, so we’ll be taking it on very soon as well.

We’ll have these reviewed and inspected for your viewing pleasure as soon as possible.  FFG out.

~Fast Food Geek Staff

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