Burger King has decided to dial up the heat of their normally lackluster Chicken Fries by introducing the buffalo factor.  The Buffalo Chicken Fries are pretty much exactly what you’d expect, the standard chicken fries with buffalo breading.  We decided to see if this helps the cause at all.

Burger King is one of those brands that employees the “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” methods of product releases.  They are known to product dump as much as seven or more new items in one promo swing.  Compare this to brands that have very small menus like Chick-Fil-A and Shake Shack and you realize Burger King must not say “no” to much.  Not even a black bun whopper that has psychedelic effects on your by-products.

Burger King Buffalo Chicken FriesBurger King Buffalo Chicken Fries
According to Wikipedia, the Chicken Fries were first announced in 2005 and discontinued in 2012.  Now they’re back with some spicy, vaguely red breading.  They come packed in the same holster that unfolds into a carrying case for your sauce.  Don’t you dare try to do a one handed deep dunk or the entire device will topple over.  This is still a two handed affair.


Burger King has a quality issue, and a temperature issue.  I’ve never ever received anything from a BK that was piping hot except maybe their standard fries.  These chicken fries were served with the standard lukewarm presentation that you’d expect from a Whopper.


The quality really was reminiscent of school cafeteria.  It also did not have a very pronounced buffalo flavor in the breading, which made me happy that I had panicked and asked for buffalo sauce when ordering instead of ranch.  It definitely needed the double buffalo action.  I also was a little underwhelmed by the portion size compared to the price.  For me, in NYC, after tax an order of only Buffalo Chicken Fries cost me 4.78 so I needed to swing by and get a dollar slice after.  Another problem with the fries is the combo configuration.  It feels strange to order these as part of a combo and get Buffalo Chicken Fries and regular fries.

BK Buffalo Chicken Fries – The Verdict

At this point I feel like I need to apologize to anyone who is reading this who may have ordered the Buffalo Chicken Fries between Saturday Oct 31st and now.  I had been sitting on writing this review and may have missed the opportunity to convince you to order something else.

Burger King Buffalo Chicken Fries
It really seems to me that the chicken fries are targeted toward little kids–maybe 10 and under.  The buffalo variety, while pretty weak on spice, is probably still too much for young kids.  I’m not sure who these fries are for.  Interestingly, that same Wikipedia article referenced above said that the Chicken Fries were originally introduced to appeal to adults with higher quality ingredients.  This is another reminder why our teachers always said to never cite wikipedia for a paper.

Its possible that BK knows their target now, because I spotted one of these on my way out:

Buffalo Chicken Fries Nutrition Info:

Buffalo Chicken Fries Nutrition Info

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