Burger King is sometimes a little loosey goosey with their products.  Its like they don’t use any discretion at all, perhaps deciding to give the interns free reign for a month.  This is very exciting for a fast food blogger that lives and dies by the limited time promotional items.  In recent years it seems BK has become good for a least one major windfall of gimmicks per year.  They’re back at it and this time they’re offering the Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger.

An item like the Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger is intriguing.  It presents the consumer with the idea that this is a little more gourmet than your average fast food joint’s assemblage of greasy meat cheese.  Pair the exotic patty with an “artisan-style” bun and you’re setting off all the quality alarms.  I’ve been in the fast food game for far too long, and know that the more a fast food sandwich promises, the more disappointing it will be.

What I found upon unwrapping my burger was a mound of depression. Right out of the gate it is obvious that this burger isn’t quite as large as I’d expected. This turned out to be fine, especially because I also had an 8 piece of the new loaded tots to dive into. The patty is supposed to be the star here, and it falls completely flat. I had a pretty dry, pretty burnt patty. You’d think that the added fat from the bacon and cheese would have made it hard for the burger to be dry. I felt like I should have opted to add an additional slice of cheese to the burger because the amount in the patty was tasteless.

As I struggled to search for any hint of bacon or cheese while finishing the rest of my burger, I found myself growing increasingly jealous of the huge Chipotle Whopper fellow FFG Andrew was consuming across from me.

If anyone has had a different experience let me know in the comments. It could be a classic case of working out the kinks of a brand new sandwich.

Burger King Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger: D

~Fast Food Geek