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Burger King has been offering their 2 sandwiches for $5 deal for quite sometime.  Typically consisting of the regular Extra Long Cheeseburger, the Big Fish, the Original Chicken Sandwich, theBig King (Big Mac clone), and a limited time only sandwich.  Taking it’s turn in October is the Extra Long Sriracha Cheeseburger.  Offers_Desktop_Sriracha_2for5_v6

Consisting of two burger patties placed side by side, iceberg lettuce, onions, melted cheese and topped off with spicy “Sriracha flavored sauce” all a top a hoagie bun, this long cheeseburger follows along the Sriracha fast food wave.  The long cheeseburger route is nothing new for BK, as they’ve released a BBQ and Jalapeño one in recent memory.  I still don’t understand why you’d want two sandwiches, with no sides or drink but if you’re in the market, head over to BK.