BK finally listened, as I stated in my previous post, they needed to release another BK Topper with Bacon on it. That they have done. Joining the party is the 4th BK Topper, the Bacon and Cheddar. Priced at $1.99, the mass of these toppers is quite substantial for the price. Throw on some bacon, and you’ve got me listening.

What better way to ruin a work out then to head right over to the BK next to the hockey rink and scoop up a cheeseburger.

At first bite, this thing had girth. The patty was well done (obviously), but quite thick for the price. The bacon was lackluster. 1.5 strips? Hardly what I call a proper serving of bacon. The pickles added a nice salty touch, but the mudslide of mayo and ketchup, left me stranded up to my britches in more condiment than I cared for. After summoning my parka, walking stick, and rain boots, I circumvented the slip n slide of saturated fat and finished off this value burger. The last bite was a treacherous one. The last ditch effort by this beast to attack my clothing, splurted out the back but luckily the ole napkin over the pant leg saved the day.

Enough Mayo to drown a small child!

Overall it was quite filling, and definitely worth the price. I think the quality may vary from BK to BK, so choose wisely my fellow geeks.

BK Cheddar and Bacon Topper: 3/5

Sincerely sauced,