While for years now, fast food chains have been focusing on healthier options, there’s no doubt that you can still find some true titanic gut busters at all the chains in this link.  While it may come in obvious forms like a the 3/4 LB Triple Dave’s Hot and Juicy with almost 1100 calories, 4 grams of trans fat, and a days worth of sodium others can be pretty surprising to the average consumer.

Some interesting tidbits to point out:

  • The average burrito at Chipotle easily crosses the 1,000 calorie barrier, thanks to the 300 calorie tortilla blanket that acts as a sleeping bag for you post consumption.  The salads and bowls will help contain the nutritional value.
  • Almost any footlong at Subway will cross the 700 calorie mark, making them not nearly as healthy as publicized.  Their Tuna sandwich is actually Tuna Salad with a boatload of mayo and 960 cals in a footlong.  Any footlong with the word Italian in it, will no doubt be worse for you than a Whopper or Big Mac with both fat and calories.
  • KFC’s Chicken Pot Pie has enough saturated fat to sink a small ship.  37 grams of the 45 grams of fat are saturated, which is nearly two days worth.
  • Black coffee is nearly calorie free, but there’s many Starbuck’s beverages have enough calories to be considered full blown meals.  Fraps and latte’s pound sugar and fat, so to be safe, just say “skinny” when ordering.

Some other items really shouldn’t be all that surprising, mainly most anything with the word platter in it or anything Taco Bell spits out that isn’t Fresco style.  Thankfully for anyone looking to count their calories, the FDA calorie count on menus will start this November.