Arby's Breakfast
It appears as though Arby’s is going to throw their 10 gallon hat into the Fast Food breakfast ring.  According to Arby’s, the new flagship Manhattan location–which opens on December 10th–will be the first and only location offering an exclusive breakfast menu.


Arby's Breakfast Slider

Arby’s Breakfast Slider

There will be four different entree categories on the menu with Breakfast biscuits, Premium Biscuits, Breakfast Flatbreads, and Breakfast Sliders. The sandwiches feature eggs, cheese, meats, and the flatbreads manage to cram in some tater tots/hash browns as well.  Based on the promo pictures, I have my eyes on the Premium Biscuit category.  Here’s what we know so far:

Arby’s Breakfast Menu

  • Brisket Biscuit
  • Denver Ham & Cheese
  • Southwest Ham & Cheese
  • Corned Beef & Swiss
  • Steak & Swiss
  • Local coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company will also be available at this location.

Arby's BreakfastArby's Breakfast Premium Biscuit 
Above are promo shots of the Breakfast Biscuit (left) and the Premium Biscuit (right)

In the last few years, the fast food breakfast world has become the final frontier.  Nearly every major fast food company is now participating and elbowing each other for room at your breakfast table.  Taco Bell seems to have had the most success of the late comers but it’ll be interesting to see if Arby’s can make some noise.  Breakfast has become such a hot button issue that McDonald’s decided to serve it all day.

Based on some of the latest sandwiches Arby’s has released (we’ve been big fans of a few), I am looking forward to giving Arby’s Breakfast a chance.  I’m sure this menu will be rolling out to more locations in 2016.

Two remaining unknowns at this point are prices and side items.  These can make or break the breakfast experience.  One thing area that I think Arby’s excels in is the side item business.  They’ve had some creative/adventurous sides in the past, hopefully they bring some fun to the breakfast table as well.  We’ll be visiting this flagship location in NYC this week, so we’ll be sure to have more information as we get it.