Arby’s has been pumping out some great food in 2015.  We recently crowned their Spicy Jalapeno Brisket Sandwich as our favorite product of 2015 and also crowned Arby’s as Brand of the Year, and it appears as though we’re in for more great options heading into 2016.  On December 28th, Arby’s is releasing Loaded Curly Fries.

Arby’s Curly Fries have been a fan favorite for decades and now customers can enjoy them in a brand new way.  Starting with a bed of curly fries, these are topped off with warm cheddar cheese sauce, chopped pepper bacon, shredded cheddar, and a drizzle of Parmesan peppercorn ranch sauce.  Loaded Curly Fries will retail for $2.99 alone but will also be a part of the famous 2 for $5 deal at Arby’s along with their Classic Roast Beef, Beef n’Cheddar, and Crispy Fish Filet sandwiches.