Well, first off, I have to apologize to everyone. I feel like a major clownshoe for the complete and utter lack of posts for the greater part of a month. The time has really flown by. I turned 21, I went on a huge running and diet kick where I lost 20 pounds, I gave up fried foods for lent, I’ve been extremely extremely busy with scholastics, and I’ve simply been lazy otherwise. I know I should have given you guys at least a status update or a token hey there, but given the fact that I’m not even a human sometimes, I simply didn’t. I hope that all of you out there in blogger world can forgive this tormented soul, and give g&gg another chance to satisfy your hungers for fast food and all the alloted wonderment of gimmicks.

For awhile now Arby’s has been waging war with the American staple: hamburgers. The big three, McCheesers, the BK lounge, and Wendelins all have hamburgers as their staple sandwich. Arby’s chose to go a different route and use sliced Roast Beef. My entire childhood, for whatever reason, I have always thought of Arby’s as a makeshift slime trap. It may have had something to do with the location near my house all shafty or that I was always intimidated by sliced lunch meat as a child, I simply didn’t go all that much. But now that I’m living with an Arby’s within walking distance and my school’s newspaper releases monthly coupons for the joint, I’ve been making treks on a regular basis. They actually have really good fast food and I can easily say that they are prob 1 or 2 in my favs to go to. But anyways, their entire menu is filled with gimmicks as you all know from past reviews on this site. My personal favorite is the French Dip sandwich accompanied with a masterful Au Jus dipping sauce that is made just like hot chocolate is created. But me aside, lets dive into the roast burger idea.

Deemed as never fried and never greasy, the Roastburgers have traditional burger toppings such as lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, and onions but have a roasty roast beef on them instead of the normal beefy patty of traditional fast food lore. With three different varieties including the Bacon Cheddar, the All American, and the Bacon and Blue these sandwiches have already been placed on the permanent menu and are hear to stay.

My brother and associate decided to tackle the Bacon Cheddar while I took on the All American. It really didn’t seem like there was much of any difference in the sandwiches except for the fact that his had pepper roasted bacon on it while mine lacked the dual meat threat.

The sandwiches encompass the typical burger feel, but in no way do they taste like a standard hamburger.. Ground meat is ground meat and roast beef is just that no matter the way you roast it or cover it with spices. But despite the fact that these beasts don’t legitimately taste like the real deal, they are quite tasty. My palate was buzzing with my All American.

The roast beef really makes this sandwich and the added loads of veggies are a welcome edish as well. Thoughts on mustard and mayo being the all American sauces? Well thats what Arby’s has seemed to have concluded.

The Bacon Cheddar was also considered a delectable delight but the cheese whiz like cheddar spread looks like someone sat on tooth paste tube and said have at it and the bacon by all accounts was puny dogg at best.

Yeah, thats small bacon.

All in all I’d have to give my All American a 3.5/5 while my brother gave the Bacon Cheddar a 4/5.

All I can say is that its good to be back and Pizza Hut’s failure known as Tuscani Lasagna is on deck…So if you guys don’t absolutely hate me at this point..keep checking back in.

All American Roast Burger: 3.5/5
Bacon Cheddar Roast Burger: 4/5

Until the next sauce,