On an otherwise quiet night, Arby’s redid their whole website and released a couple of new products.  While it’s not a BK explosion, releasing 4 new products makes waves in the fast food world.  With new House Made Chips, a Triple Berry Shake, and two new King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef sandwiches, there’s plenty to see.

The King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef and Swiss provides a 1/3 more roast beef a traditional Arby’s sandwich, swiss cheese, pickles, creamy Dijon, all on a sweet tasting King’s Hawaiian Sandwich Bun.  A more traditional styled sandwich also exists with the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef featuring just the meat and bun.

Other food options include House Made Chips which appear to be kettle cooked and tossed in Arby’s signature seasoning.

Finally Arby’s also has a new Triple Berry Shake.  Filled to max with blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry, swirled up with berry syrup, this fruity shake is just in time for that hot weather.

~Fast Food Geek