Arby’s has a brand new Chief Marketing Officer in Russ Klein, and he plans on making a lot of changes with how Arby’s promotes their food, according to a Business Insider article.  Klein, the former Burger King CMO until late 2009, has decided that its last five quarters of same store sales growth isn’t enough, and will change the company’s logo, main ad campaign, restaurant design, and even simplifying the menu.


The changes are all in the planning and exploratory stages, with implementation scheduled right around the July Summer Olympics.  While Klein claims that the current “Good Mood Food” campaign is doing well, he expects it to go the way of three toed sloth, when the new ads begin.


Arby’s famed cowboy hat logo is pretty synonymous and it’s hard for me to imagine a drastic change, but with Pepsi altering their logo to an extremely simple design recently, one can imagine Arby’s might do the same.

Arby’s core business comes from a group known as “heavy users”, where a small percentage of people (15% of their customers) makes up a large percentage of sales (54%).  And their new ad campaign will focus on these users in an attempt to further entrench them into a vat of Horsey Sauce.


It will be very interesting to see all of the changes, but as long as they keep the curly fries, I’ll undoubtedly be happy.

~Fast Food Geek Staff