Arby’s sandwiches are based on simplicity. Typically one or two ingredients are part of their roast beef sandwiches, with maybe an onion flavored bun to go along.  So whenever a chief element, such as the bun is altered drastically, it’s definitely worth noting.  Enter the new King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich.  On a sweet King’s Hawaiian bun, a loaded amount of roast beef is accompanied by sweet pickles, swiss cheese, and Djion sauce.  Fairly radical for Arby’s, but how does it stack up?

Some of the main complaints about Arby’s is the seemingly makeshift value you get.  Most of their items are priced at a premium and you don’t usually get that much bang for your buck.  But this sandwich’s claim of 1/3 more beef than the standard Roast Beef sandwich lent me some hope.  Opening up the box led me to be initially confused, seeing nothing but bun and roast beef, I was hoping my order didn’t get mixed up.
Upon a quick top bun pull up I was relieved to see an amass of ingredients.  While this sandwich looks utterly sloptastic, I was hoping it would all come together better taste wise.  The Swiss was laid down with little regard for presentation and the random loop-dee-loop of Dijon also exhibited characteristics of a lunch rush sandwich.
Picking up the sandwich, I can definitely detail that it packed a pretty hearty weight.  A lot heavier than a standard lunch meat sandwich, I could also make out the secret sweet pickles peaking out of their roast beef blanket overhangs.
Chomping down, I was inspired by a tale of flavors that fast food lore hasn’t provided in quite some time.  Bountiful amounts of beef, sweet and succulent pickles, and bright and bodied combination of swiss and Dijon complimented everything swell.  The bun tasted like candy like, in a good way.  The salt components lying between the sugary bun lent to the ultimate aloha experience. I was quite impressed with this sandwich from both the size and taste standpoint.  And as far as I’m concerned you can’t ask for a whole lot more. I hope this roast beef bungalow finds its way onto the full time menu.
Arby’s King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef and Swiss:
Calories: 600
Fat: 25g
Sugars: 20g
Protein: 34g
Taste: A
~Fast Food Geek
Arby's King's Hawaiian Roast Beef and Swiss [Review]
8.9Overall Score
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