Although, I’ve never really looked into it all that much, I never knew that St. Patrick’s Day was such a deal zone at fast food eating huts.  Yesterday we sent out a report on Burger King’s free fry giveaway including ketchup greener than than those grass stains on your pants suit and now today we bring you Arby’s over the top St. Paddy’s day buy one get one midnight madness.

Well it’s actually not that crazy and midnight is not involved here nor there, but regardless customers can go to Arby’s website and click on a link, that will lead them to their Facebook page.  Seems rather tenuous, but after clicking just this one link and then filling in your name, you can print out a magical, whimsical coupon that will get you Buy One Get One Free Reuben Sandwiches March 16th-18th.  So if you like corn beef, marble rye, and you know at least one other human, bring them and this coupon for a fancy feast.

~Fast Food Geek